A strategy workbook to establish lasting results within small to medium sized subcontractors & specialists

An expert project tool that collaborates the commercial and contract management tools from inception to completion of your project obligations.

What you can expect from the BStructured platform…

Constructed in a way that you can easily navigate each stage of the process, the Bstructured platform has a variety of documents enabling you to achieve the required results. These range from tendering works to submitting payment applications and from compiling cost reports to chasing outstanding retention monies.

Having a logical/less risky method through the project

Creates an need for teamwork on projects

Making the whole team accountable for actions

Introducing tasks that creates team collaboration

Eliminates high percentages of non-recoverables

Minimises contract & programme implications

Makes your supply chain more accountable

A maintained margin/margin betterment

The BStructured Vision...

The main principle of Bstructured is to provide our clients with a choice. The choice to manage and structure their own contract packages efficiently. Our vision is to provide the tools to minimise the risk of project/contract issues and to complete at a maximum margin each time.

Co-Founder of Bstructured & Founder of QS Advisor believes…

“BStructured is first and foremost a commercial toolkit to get subcontractors /specialists through the whole construction cycle. It is vitally important they recognise the key risks at every stage and it has the adequate systems in place to mitigate these. I believe that BStructured, along with some 1 to 1 support fits this requirement.

Grant Tod FCIOB

Why BStructured?

Our product is a must to enhance margin expectations by mitigating risk from the start and through the duration of your project.

Trusted By Our Customers

Companies across Scotland, England, and other areas of the United Kingdom are already using BStructured to get the most out of their commercial contracts

BStructured in your contracts!

Focus the handling of your business's commercial contracts today and unleash the knowledge of BStructured. Ensure your applications are completed correctly on time, your final accounts are accurate and variations are not missed or incorrect.

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The BStructured Strategy Package

The strategy package is a series of documents, which has been split into 3 key stages of the construction process. The main strategy is providing the subcontractors/specialists with the necessary tools to develop a sound commercial knowledge of how to protect them and their business. The package is also invaluable, as it provides a solid foundation to be able to grow your business and protect your interests

BStructured LITE - £1,199.00 +VAT

Our LITE version of BStructured. Giving you all the features of the pro without the advanced commercial management worksheets and support.


BStructured - £1,499.00 +VAT

The BStructured full workbook. Giving you all the features of BStructured for advanced commercial management worksheets just without the support.


BStructured PRO - £1,999.00 +VAT

Our PRO version of BStructured. Giving you all the features of BStructured for advanced commercial management worksheets with the support.



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